Stage 43 is an amateur community theatre group that has been producing quality theatrical productions in the Tri-Cities area for the past 30+ years. 

Who are Stage43 members?

We live, and many of us also work, in the Tri-Cities. We love to "play" in live theatre, and we hold "day" jobs such as paralegals, millwrights, education administrators, painters, salesmen, property managers, home-makers, hairdressers, and retired accountants

 Who is on the Executive Board of Stage43?

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Stage 43 is among the best community theatre groups in BC. In 2010 we won, with many other honours, Theatre BC's Best Production Award, which is the Stanley Cup of community theatre. Over the years we have been proud to take home many other awards as well - from Theatre BC, Zone Festivals and the Community Theatre Coalition. 

By supporting Stage 43, either as a patron, sponsor or volunteer, you contribute to developing a vibrant cultural diversity in the Tri-Cities.

Past Productions of Stage43